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19 months strong



Faith in transcendence, transformation, and a divine flow in the physical body is a basic integer in the Africanist life/arts equation. This conviction is rooted in the traditional West and Central African philosophy that regards past/present/future as a continuum and predicates the physical life as lived in/within the spirit. —Brenda Dixon Gottschild, Black Dancing Body

I’m still in awe with these pictures! Photos taken by me! :)


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illderella asked: And also how long were your locs when you did the bantu knots !

I don’t have a tutorial and I believe the first time my hair was neck length


Just feel like sharing so here goes… I’ve recently been on a journey of acceptance. Acceptance of my locs at all stages and acceptance of my body in general. I remember a time when I would come down really hard on myself for not being “thick” or not trying hard enough to make myself look like the ideal black woman. Now I’ve come to the realization that I am who I am for a reason and there is nothing wrong with my appearance at all. I’m beautiful, shapely petite woman and I plan on staying that way come hell or high water. My locs are just as unique as me and they are changing on the outside just as much as I am on the inside. They aren’t perfect in parting or number, but they are wild and free just like my spirit. Where ever you are in your journey appreciate what you have and cultivate it to the next level. Peace


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There is nothing new under the sun

Il n’ y a rien de nouveau sous le soleil

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film meme

[1/10 films] → labyrinth

Yall know this is one of my favorite movies right

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X-Men vs. Street Fighter art… by Bengus

Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops.

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CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story premieres Next Monday October 21, 2013 on VH1 at 9/8c.

Def watching

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(not included in this set: Disney/Ghibli/CGI)
"Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn."

Excellent films! All of them

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Lmao I miss this show

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The Avengers + Old Hollywood

Okay, yes.

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Miley wants to be P!nk

this post gets bigger day by day, I’m scared

who doesn’t want to be p!nk

Wow, now that its pointed out, its pretty obvious…

Thank god pink doesnt twerk

thank god p!nk is better in every possible way

But that’s the thing, P!NK was actually edgy and unique. She wasn’t trying to be. Nor was she just so desperately trying to wipe away her Disney image, that she decided to try to memick the negative behaviors of black culture.

This^^^^is everything

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Y’all see this nigga? This is the most gangsta ass nigga of all fucking time.
You can’t even name one nigga, aint ONE nigga more gangsta than mother fuckin Goku.
Look at this nigga’s list of accomplishments:
Took down Red Ribbon Gang by himself
Killed his own brother for fucking with his gang
Leader of the ‘Z-fighters’, most notorious gang in the entire fucking universe.
Died twice, and still keeps thugging.
Nigga achieved the legendary transformation his people have been trying to perfect for generations—and surpasses it 3 more fucking times.
Everyone wants to challenge him because he is notorious af
They bioengineered some niggas JUST to kill him and still got they ass whooped
Niggas come from other planets lookin to get they ass beat by Goku
Reblog if you know in your heart Goku is a real nigga.